Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market

I have just learned about the EU Copyright Directive.

Julia Reda MEP for the Piratenpartei outlines what’s at stake here.

She has given a three minute summary if you’re pressed for time.

Basically the proposals seek to limit our ability to actively participate online to benefit the business models of media conglomerates: “Censorship machines” for internet platforms, a “link tax” for news content and a very narrow exception for text and data mining would curtail how we can share links, upload media and work with data.

The entire Parliament will vote on July 5, 2018 whether to rubber-stamp the committee’s result. If it doesn’t, the debate is re-opened, and there is one more chance to make changes to the proposals at the next plenary meeting in September.

If all of this worries you then sign the the petition at to stop the censorship-machinery.

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