If you’re reading this you’ll know I run three websites; DarrinNightingale // ScreenWriter, LessBeauty // MoreBrains and LessBeauty // MoreBrains². Both // MoreBrains and // MoreBrains² are image based sites fed by Flickr accounts. I set them up this way for a couple of reasons but primarily it made it easy to post to WordPress on the go. At the time the WordPress app was clumsy and emailing images directly to WordPress was unpredictable. It was hard to control how the image looked in the finished post. Doing it through Flickr allowed me to email an image, have it auto-post to WordPress and with a little tweaking of templates, get it to appear perfectly. I’ve been doing it like this for about two years but recently Flickr withdrew support for WordPress form their “Sharing & Extending” options. When I heard they were doing this I thought I’d have to start doing everything manually. But no. A trek round the internet brought me to IFTTT. IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement; if this, then that. They call “this” the Trigger and “that” the Action. Together, that’s a Recipe. I love it. It allows me to post to Flickr and have my IFTTT receipt post directly to WordPress. It’s even easier than the way I was doing it before. At the moment I have just one receipt, posting from Flickr to // MorBrains but as there are a multitude of channels with an infinite number of combinations, who knows what uses I will be putting it to. What had the potential to be a minor disaster has been solved by something I have the feeling will become an invaluable tool.

Goodbye LOVEFiLM

Yesterday I cancelled my LOVEFiLM subscription or should I say, “I cancelled my Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription.” There were two big reasons for this subtraction. The first and biggest is frustration; I am so fed up of returning discs that I don’t watch because they are the lesser films on the priority list. I do want to see the films, I have after all put them on my list, just not this weekend. Most of the time I have to watch them on my own because I just can’t convince the people I watch films with that this or that movie is worth viewing. When the other people in your life want to watch the latest big release the pull of streaming is just too strong. The second reason for cancelling my subscription is entirely down to Amazon. The interface for choosing films you want posted is impenetrable, even for a seasoned surfer like myself. I can only think Amazon want to phase out the disc service in favour of the much more profitable pay-per-view option. The volume of films I watch in a year has already suffered, it’s simply too expensive to stream all the time. I really miss Blockbuster’s four films for £10 deal. You could go in and choose the perfect balance of films for the weekend, a comedy, a horror, a big release and an indie film. Not like LOVEFiLM postal service who insist on putting two world cinema titles or two romantic comedies in the same envelope. When I was in Blockbuster and had a comedy, a big release and an horror in my hand I would take a chance on an indie title and end up finding a gem. Now we go through what feels like a much reduced list on iTunes and check out the trailers. If the film was on a disc, I’d give it a chance. Now, if the trailer is shit, I’d rather save my money. £4.49 to rent a high definition movie is just too high. My only hope is that in this brave new world, where everyone streams their content, the price of movies will come down?


Today I closed the accounts I had with EyeEm, AMPt Community, Twenty20 and Backspaces. I’m not entirely sure why, I guess I’m in one of those moods. Recently I have found it increasingly difficult to summon enthusiasm for what are essentially repeats of my // MoreBrains website and Instagram. I may live to regret this move but I hope, to paraphrase Andrea del Sarto and Mies Van Der Rohe, “less is more”.