Finding focus

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here or in private. It’s been even longer since I wrote a screenplay. I feel frustrated with myself, ashamed that I haven’t been more productive. It’s embarrassing. But to write I need two things, quiet and time; neither of which I have had recently. Stuff just keeps happening to interrupt the routine that sees me get up as early as possible, make a cup of coffee and then get to work. Without the discipline of the routine nothing gets done. I can’t work at night. I know people who do stuff all day and thin sit down to write at night. I don’t know how they do that. I’m just too tired. My head is too full to concentrate on anything as complex as a story. I need the blankness you have in the morning. The blankness you have before the day imposes itself. If I can find my focus out of that blankness I’m set for the day, well half the day because the afternoon is spent at the coalface of the service industry. I have a screenplay to finish. I need the routine!


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