Bert Jansch – Dreamweaver

Today Bert Jansch – Dreamweaver was uploaded to YouTube. I put it up purely for promotional purposes. I long since gave up hope of getting anything but the credit from this project. It’s something else that adds to my online tattoo.

Dreamweaver was made with no money, shot on borrowed cameras, and took more than a year to make. Late in the production we managed to get a meeting with the head of 4Music. On the back of that meeting we were given a slot on Channel 4, and enough money to pay the cost of post-production. Dreamweaver aired 28 June 2000.

It’s definitely one for the fans. There are full performances from Bert. No talking heads getting in the way of his playing. Not my choice. Personally I think that was a mistake, it detracts from what could have been a more fluid telling of his story, but that was the agreement the producer made with Bert, and those were the parameters I had to work within.


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