The illusion of choice

I use one of those postal DVD rental services. Last weekend I was really disappointed by the collection of DVD’s that were delivered. They sent me three films all of a similar ilk. Individually it might have been okay. But all together. It was like having three courses of same dish for dinner. What annoys me most about my DVD rental service. Is the imposition of their will. Over mine. And my willingness to let that happen. Think about it. These services are all the same. You can’t actually pick the films you want to watch. You can state a preference. I usually have twenty DVD’s listed at any one time. But if the monkey at the other end decides to send you all the horror films on your list. There’s shite all you can do about it. What these companies have done. Is come up with a way to offer a poorer service. And get away with it. They deliver to the door. But you run the gauntlet of sub standard postal delivery. It’s cheaper. But here are no late fees. The offer the hundreds of thousands of titles. But send you what convenient for them. Ultimately I end up feeling cheated. And out of pocket. Should I keep giving them my money? Probably not. But I do. I wish I could vote with my feet? And go back to the High Street? But because everyone is using these post based rental services. The choice of rental places on the High Street has dwindled to nothing. Ultimately the illusion of choice has short changed us.


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